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Better done than perfect – new video out

Barcelona Sagrada Familia

“Getting things done”, that famous slogan from David Allen does not mean, that you`ll have to do perfect. Perfection rarely exists and it takes so long. It is often better to achieve a satisfactory result, than no result at all. If we go for 100%, we often get too expensive, take too long or give […]

Permission Marketing Reloaded – thanks to data protection

Permission Marketing Reloaded: The concept coined by Seth Godin in 1999 and describes a marketing concept where marketers obtain the consumer’s permission before advancing to the purchasing process. This form of marketing is mostly used in e-marketing by online marketers. Its opposite is Interruption Marketing. Permission Marketing, as its name implies, requires the marketer to obtain […]

Tesla beats the germans on their own turf

Tesla does not threaten the dominance of german carmakers anymore – Tesla beats the germans on their own turf. According to market researcher Jato Dynamics and Automotive New Europe, Tesla sold about 16.100 Tesla S in Europe, significantly more than “runner up” Mercedes S-Klasse with about 13.300 cars and certainly more than BMW on third […]

If my teachers at school had had guns, I`d long been dead

If my teachers at school had had guns, I`d long been dead! So far about US-Presidents Trumps idea, arming teachers. Who says they won´t run amok, too? Or are as triggerhappy as others? Or just shoot pupils they dislike? Well, some might argue, that wasn`t a bad thing in every case … and not the […]

Happy New Year! 2018 will be a brilliant!

2017 was a difficult year. More questions were raised globally then answered. The reaction of politicians and the business world was merely tactical too often. 2018 we all should think a lot more long term, holistically, strategically, humanly. And act upon it. We enter an era of sea change. Ecology, security, economy and business are […]