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Strategy, leadership and change – for Leif Erik Wollenwerber, these go together like a steering wheel, engine and gearbox. As the managing partner of a management consultancy firm, and certified business trainer, he tunes companies to make them faster and more mobile. In every terrain. Using the latest technology. This is guaranteed by his current research as Professor in Leadership and Organisation at the FOM University of Applied Sciences.

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The main Keynote topics are:

Change Management, Agility and innovative new Management Models

  • Accelerating change – How companies remain innovative, flexible and agile.
  • How to create enthusiasm about change – accelerate it, render it more effective, and make it permanent.
  • How to develop your company into a speedboat fleet rather than a supertanker.
  • How even old dogs can learn new tricks.
  • Why management is so important, particularly during change – and how it succeeds.

Neuroleadership and Paleo Management

  • From cavemen to neuroleaders – Managing more effectively, more humanely and more intelligently.
  • Use business psychology and neuroscience to figure out why human management is so difficult – and why certain approaches work.
  • Replace your idea of the rational “homo oecomicus” with a concept of humans which allows you to understand, as best as possible, how your partners, employees and clients think, feel, decide and act.
  • Discover why “good management” is becoming the only inimitable – and therefore decisive – competitive advantage.

Strategy and agility – The new rules of management

  • We live in a VUCA world: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Learn how strategic planning can still be successful.
  • How to keep one’s ears to the ground and find the optimum timing for trends.
  • What companies can learn from Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, William the Conqueror and George Washington.
  • How rugby, IT and Silicon Valley methods are revolutionising strategic management.