Only he hates Uber, who has never used it. Or he drives taxi …

Some people I spoke with, told me they hated Uber. When I asked them, if they ever used it, they said “No”.

Since I first used ride sharing with Uber or Lyft, I am loving it. I wished taxis were always so easy, comfortable, transparent and smooth.

Also the economy of it is simply great. Most of the time Uber – or “the good ones” from Lyft alike – is significantly cheaper than a taxi. If not, that`s for a reason, for example after a NBA game. That makes sense, because when the demand goes up, it`s ok when prices go up, so that more drivers jump into their cars and everyone gets home.

Not to forget, most drivers were great to talk with. And you might even get to know some nice co-passengers. Who knows what might develop from that …

Finally, for the big spenders: with just one click you also get the limo service.

Obviously, it makes absolutely no sense to fight ride sharing for protectionistic reasons. Especially in Europe the old taxi guilds hide behind rules and legislation, instead of accepting the competition.

Unfortunately the politicians have forgotten, that the taxi licences were once introduced to protect the passengers from being exploited by greedy and dishonest drivers. The rules were never meant to just protect the taxi business as such!

Again some might argue, the taxi drivers know their way a lot better than taxi drivers. For a start, I doubt that. But mainly, with navigation system and google maps, optimized routes and real time traffic info, even Forrest Gump could do the trick.

Only the insurance question could become an issue. But why won`t pliticians just demand a special passenger insurance for ride sharing? Then there would be an absolutely fair competition, and all passengers would profit.

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