Tesla beats the germans on their own turf

Tesla does not threaten the dominance of german carmakers anymore – Tesla beats the germans on their own turf.

According to market researcher Jato Dynamics and Automotive New Europe, Tesla sold about 16.100 Tesla S in Europe, significantly more than “runner up” Mercedes S-Klasse with about 13.300 cars and certainly more than BMW on third position with roughly 12.000 type 7 sedan.

The german car giants considered themselves invincible on the european market, because of the preference for long distance driving especially in Germany and its lack of infrastructure for e-mobility.

But now two things pay off for Tesla. First, that they invested heavily in their own net of the so called super chargers, guaranteeing Tesla-Drivers the ability to drive from Hamburg to Munich or from Cologne to Berlin. Second, Tesla has the advantage of momentum, of the positive, green image and of signalling about the driver: “hey, look here, how progressive I am”.

This cool once was the strength of Mercedes, Porsche and the like. Now they have to win it back, fast.

For the sake of the german honour. And economy.


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