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Better done than perfect – new video out

Barcelona Sagrada Familia

“Getting things done”, that famous slogan from David Allen does not mean, that you`ll have to do perfect. Perfection rarely exists and it takes so long. It is often better to achieve a satisfactory result, than no result at all. If we go for 100%, we often get too expensive, take too long or give […]

Winter Solstice 2020

Mountains and red sky

Our ancestors celebrated a great festival in these days thousands of years ago. Months of darkness and hardship lay behind them. Mead, wine and brandy flowed in streams, there was feasting, laughter and dancing. The winter solstice was not only an astronomically significant event, but half of the hard time was over, the nights became […]

Two black swans

Black swans

Black swans, they exist. Nicholas Nassim Taleb has coined this brilliant metaphor for catastrophes, the frequency of which we dramatically underestimate and which we do not see coming. And sometimes there are two of them. (As a good doctor once told me: “You can have the plague and cholera at the same time”). As difficult […]

The privilege of formulating the problem

Why it pays to break the rules

In 1989 the swedish Norstedts Förlag published the interesting book with the telling title “The Privilege of formulating the Problem”. The key message: the person who is able to define propagate the problem is in pole position to monopilize the discussion and to define the only viable solution. As advantageous this knowledge could be for […]

Please stop the BREXIT – it is high time


Baron Heseltine, former british Tory Minister, about how he feels about the Brexit: “Sad, that my generation betrayed the young generation. Sad that we denied Great Britain`s historic role at the centre of Europe. Sad that we stood down from our position as one of the leading countries of our sort in the world.” The […]

Permission Marketing Reloaded – thanks to data protection

Permission Marketing Reloaded: The concept coined by Seth Godin in 1999 and describes a marketing concept where marketers obtain the consumer’s permission before advancing to the purchasing process. This form of marketing is mostly used in e-marketing by online marketers. Its opposite is Interruption Marketing. Permission Marketing, as its name implies, requires the marketer to obtain […]

Only he hates Uber, who has never used it. Or he drives taxi …

Some people I spoke with, told me they hated Uber. When I asked them, if they ever used it, they said “No”. Since I first used ride sharing with Uber or Lyft, I am loving it. I wished taxis were always so easy, comfortable, transparent and smooth. Also the economy of it is simply great. […]

Tesla beats the germans on their own turf

Tesla does not threaten the dominance of german carmakers anymore – Tesla beats the germans on their own turf. According to market researcher Jato Dynamics and Automotive New Europe, Tesla sold about 16.100 Tesla S in Europe, significantly more than “runner up” Mercedes S-Klasse with about 13.300 cars and certainly more than BMW on third […]